Scrum Master Certification

Two - Day Class Room training and Exam help

This course covers understanding of basic agile and Scrum in detail. This also enables you to pass Scrum Master Certification and Product Owner certification.


This course helps you with agile fundamentals and Scrum in detail. It presents in detail the agile processes and team dynamics, with a strong emphasis on the role of Scrum Master. This course covers the benefits of an agile approach working with Scrum, highlighting the differences between Scrum and the traditional development methodologies

This course starts by exploring the more traditional waterfall process, and then covers why running an agile team is a good idea. This course is ideal for software developers, project managers, software leadership, or anyone that would have an interest and gain benefit from running an agile project and delivering maximum value early to your customers.

The Course covers the following topics.

Introduction to Agile
  • Why Agile?

  • Agile Manifesto

  • Agile Principles


Introduction to Scrum
  • Definition of Scrum

  • Scrum Roles - Product Owner, Development Team, Scrum Master

  • Scrum Artefacts - Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Increment

  • Scrum Events - Sprint Planning, Daily Stand up, Sprint Review and Retrospective

  • Scrum measurements

  • Scrum planning and estimating

  • Planning levels, estimating, defining done

  • Scrum patterns and Scrum anti-patterns


  • Difference between Scrum and Kanban

Scaling Agile
  • Scaling Aspects of Large Scale Agile Delivery

“I'm a professional scrum master and would like to recommend trainings from Scrum Global to all.”

Syed Masood, Scrum Master

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