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Scrum Training Courses

Since 2001, Agile has been transforming the way teams interact with each and their customers. Is your organisation as Agile as it should be? Our Scrum training courses will help you streamline ways of working across the organisation, optimise product delivery, and deliver better solutions on time and within budget.

Agile Training Courses

Agile is not just a process or methodology, it’s a mindset, and Agile courses are best in the class to shift the mindset for participants. Agile collaborates with worldwide thought leaders to create the learning outcomes and validate the courses. Agile courses put you on a learning journey to mastery.

Agile Leadership Coaching

Our rigorous coaching process, seasoned and consultative coaching strategists, dedicated and responsive account teams, aligned and engaged coach cadres, hands-on oversight, and advanced tracking technology deliver coaching with unparalleled impact for the individual and the enterprise.

Business Agility Coaching

Our approach is unique because we partner with you to develop a clear plan of action by combining our expertise with your on-the-ground knowledge. We encourage enthusiasm, ownership, and deep insights that shine a light on the next steps needed to achieve your business outcomes.

Our Expertise

We offer organisations a competitive advantage by introducing superior strategy and execution using the most effective mindset, practices, and tools. We inspire, engage, and enable coaches, leaders, and teams to deliver customer value in complex markets.

Business Agility Coaching 

Business Agility is easy to understand and hard to achieve, and our coaches make it happen and avoid the pitfalls that stall agility.

We partner with you to develop an emergent roadmap expertise with your on-the-ground knowledge. We create the enthusiasm and ownership needed to achieve your business outcomes.

Agile Leadership Coaching

Just as there is no one solution for being agile, there is no one “right” way to be an agile leader. We coach to strike the right balance between assertive and accommodating to coaching with intent and grateful leadership.

A lot goes into finding the agile leadership skills and style that works best for you and your team.

Public & Private Training

Network, learn and grow with other professionals with our range of public courses for individuals and small groups with our world-class trainers.

Customised private training programs for your context based on our highly-impactful certified training courses. Train-the-trainer is available for large training programs.

Our Happy Clients

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Emma Jones


The trainer was fabulous, and I’d rate him 10/10 on being a Coach and Mentor. I have now attended 2 of his courses, and I admire his knowledge and wisdom.

Leila Torres


I appreciate the trainer’s experience, professionalism and approach. She was a great facilitator, both warm and considered.

Amanda Klein


The trainer was great – he shared great examples that we could relate to, and he ensured that everyone was engaged and following the entire course.

Adam Cooper

Telum Media

The trainer was very competent, and he kept the class interactive. He knew the subject matter well and was able to communicate that in a relatable manner.

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